About Us

Mission Statement


The Tucson Dragons Basketball Club was formed to teach the game of basketball through active and organized coaching, mentoring, and support of local student athletes.

In order to increase their enjoyment for the game of basketball and to achieve continual growth and improvement, the club fosters a competitive but supportive environment that focuses on the principles of fundamentals, skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship as the driving goals for student athlete development.

Operational Statement




The Tucson Dragons Basketball Club (TDBC) will hold Training Camp prior to each YMCA season.  Players are selected and placed onto teams during Training Camp.  Practice is usually scheduled twice during the week. League games are played Saturdays. 

Tryouts are conducted by grade level.  During these drills and games, players are graded on their work ethic, coach-ability, listening, communication on the court with other players, offensive skills, defensive skills, competitiveness (effort), and other traits identified by our coaching staff and evaluators.  



A parent/guardian must complete a waiver of liability and pay fees before a player is allowed to practice. Included on the registration form is a request for information about the player’s health. Players must agree and sign a Player Code of Conduct prior to practicing with their team.  



Practice times will be determined prior to each season.  Typically, a team will practice twice per week, approximately 1 ½ hours each practice. The coach may schedule voluntary, “extra” practices and open gyms.  Although every attempt is made to schedule two practices each week, due to gym availability, this may not occur.  If a player cannot attend practice for any reason, please contact the coach before the practice.  Playing time may be effected if significant practices are missed.



Parents are a part of the team and important role models.  Please keep in mind:


•Appreciate your child’s efforts; children should know that win or lose you love them.

•Be honest with yourself about your child’s athletic capacity, competitive attitude, sportsmanship and skill level.

•Do not shout advice or instruction during the game; talk to your child after the game and when they are ready.   Cheering and enthusiastic encouragement is a must however!

•Do not harass or criticize the referee, the other team, or other players.

•Don’t compare the skill, courage, or attitudes of your children with other members of the team.

•Get to know the coach so that you can understand his philosophy, attitudes, ethics, and leadership style.

•Support the coach and his assistants with the things they are trying to accomplish.  These often take the form of long term goals rather than short term results.



The club operates a website: http://www.tucsondragons.com, where important information about the club is posted including practice schedules, tournament promotions, and special announcements. The club can also be contacted via email at info@tucsondragons.com, or by calling any of the available coaches.



Coaches are provided league schedules as soon as they become available.  Coaches will also select potential tournaments to participate in pending interest and availability.  The coach will communicate this schedule to his team.  The club works to reduce league game conflicts with tournaments when preparing the year’s schedule, but if a conflict occurs during the season, the coach has the authority and responsibility to make necessary arrangements to eliminate the conflict.   Note: Tournaments are conducted in the Tucson area as well as other areas of Arizona, and the southwest.



The Tucson Dragons Basketball Club has established playing time guidelines. The coach has the discretion to adjust this for circumstances such as practice attendance, attitude, disciplinary reasons, etc. 


In addition, any guidelines for a particular league will be followed in lieu of Club guidelines.  The TDBC guidelines are: 


•3rd- 4th grade - Balanced play for 75% of the game

•5th – 6th  grade - Balanced play for 50% of the game, coach’s discretion for 50% of the game

•7th – 8th  grade - Balanced play for 25% of the game, coach’s discretion for 75% of the game

<Updated May 2014>



The Tucson Dragons Basketball Club requires each participant to pay fees. The Annual Club fee is due at time of registration.  A player may not be allowed to practice or play in a game without receipt of this fee.  PLEASE NOTE, scholarships may be available, so please contact scholarship@tucsondragons.com with any questions.