• Do I register with the Dragons AND the YMCA?

    • No.  We will collect all the paperwork and submit to the YMCA CityWide director 1 time per season.

  • Can I join mid-session?

    • We always welcome new players.  Depending on timing within a League's schedule a player may not be eligible to play in League games right away but getting started at practice as early as possible is highly recommended.  The coaches will work out a modified payment plan depending on timing of the league etc.

  • Is this a year-round commitment?

    • No, we ask each player to commit to each 3 month session which includes practices, games and tournaments.  There are also opportunities to play outside the 3 month sessions.  Check out the current year's Schedule tab (above) for more details. We also recommend coming to a practice before making any commitment to make sure the club is a good fit for you.

  • What if I want to play basketball or another sport/activity for my school and will miss some practices?

    • You can still join the club.  We recognize that especially in the Fall many of our players are trying to play for their school teams and that there will occasionally be conflicts.  We believe the order of priority should be: Family, Schoolwork, School Sports, Club Sports and as long as the coaches are aware of what the player's schedule is we will work around.

  • How much does it cost to join the club?

    • We require an AAU membership to attend Open Gym, Camp or League.   Annual AAU membership is $16, click here for more info. Fees for Camps, Leagues etc. can be found on the Payments tab. 

  • Where and when are practices?

    • We utilize the Emily Gray Junior High Gym (map) for 2013.  All practices are Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.  You will also often find us running open Gym occasionally, so be sure to check the current season's tab for specifics on Open Gym Times.