Individual Workouts

How good you become is up to YOU
The following list has links to individual skill basketball workouts.  We want each player working out 3 to 4 times a week for at least 15 minutes per session outside of practice.  Guards must run ball handling drills 3 times a week minimum. 

Ball Handling

Stationary and Moving - This series is setup to be a 30 minute session, cutting the number of reps in half will get it down to a 15 minute session.  Focus on keeping eyes up at all times.

Rick Pitino Ball Handling (1 on 1 moves)  - This series focuses on 1-on-1 moves going to the basket, make sure you finish everything at the right and work equally from the left and right sides.


Steve Nash 20 Minute Shooting Drills - This series focuses on movement and shooting.  You can cut the time in half if you want a shorter session, please do not shoot NBA distance 3 pointers....ever.

Free Throws - Nothing special here, just shoot groups of 10 and track how many you make.  Setup the same way each time and visualize each shot going in before you shoot.


Jump Rope Quickness - Any jumprope will do, focus on staying on your toes and exploding into each rep.