Tucson Dragons

News and Notes

  • 2019 Summer dates will be posted below
  • We have raised the prices for the YMCA season and some of the gear items as our costs have gone up. We are working with a few local businesses on sponsorship opportunities that may be able to keep the costs down. If you are interested in sponsoring the Dragons (we can do logos on shirts, on the website etc.) please email info@tucsondragons.com to discuss.

Thank you to Simutek for supporting the Dragons.

We appreciate your support of the Tucson Dragons!

Contact Info

info@tucsondragons.com for general information

520.261.2430 to text




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2019 Season Dates

Summer: May to August

  • Registration Open April 29
  • Registration Deadline May 10
  • Tryouts Saturday May 18
  • Practice Begins May 20
  • First Game June 1
  • No Game July 6
  • Tournament Begins July 20
  • Tournament Finals August 3

Dragons Slideshow

The whole album is in Google Photos (link) , feel free to add to it.