We had a great run but it is time to officially close things down.

The Dragons were born April 19, 2012 when we ran our first practice with 13 kids. We grew from there to a peak in 2016 when we had 84 kids playing in a single season. Together as Dragons we were involved in 3 different city leagues, local tournaments at many levels, summer camps, Sunday skills sessions, UofA halftime scrimmages and the legendary Eegees+pizza powered end of season open gyms.

We always positioned ourselves as a club for kids to learn to play and over 500 of them came through the program. Despite our focus on being the club for beginners, the Dragons along the way won 19 city league championships, 3 tournament championships and 1 state championship. Dragons have gone on to compete at every level from middle school through D1.

Trophies end up forgotten in a box but values last. We hope the legacy of the Dragons is that every kid learned how important it is to Be a Good Teammate and to Get Better Every Day.

On behalf of everyone involved in running the organization over those 8 years, thank you all.

  • Coaches and assistant coaches: Thank you so much for devoting your time and energy into coaching, teaching and most importantly showing how much fun basketball can be. The kids will never forget you and only a little bit of that has to do with basketball.

  • Floor sweepers, chair stackers, pledge readers, dropper-offer/picker-uppers, parents, grandparents, guardians, tias and anyone else responsible for a Dragon: We did the best for the most with what we had. Thanks for trusting us enough to work with your kids. It was amazing to see them grow in skill and confidence and we are proud of them all.

  • Dragons: Wherever you go, whether it involves sports or not please remember the rules. Be a Good Teammate and Get Better Every Day are not just for the gym, they never were. We hope you had fun, made friends and will join us in the lifelong Hoops fan club. It was our honor to work with you.