2019 Winter Season

News and Notes

  • There will be no practice the following nights due to scheduling conflicts with the Emily Gray gym:
    • Friday February 15 at least 5:30 session is impacted, we may be able to come in late (Valentines Dance)
    • Wednesday March 27 (Academic Showcase)

Game Schedules

Game times are not considered final until Wednesday night before each Saturday game. The YMCA has typically publishes the first 3 weeks of the schedule. After evaluating each team, they will re-seed some teams and publish the last 3 weeks.

YMCA Teams - Tournament

Click the team name below to view their schedule

YMCA Teams - Regular Season

Click the team name below to view their schedule

Practice Schedule


5:30 to 7:00

7-9 Black

7-9 Green

7:00 to 8:30

5-6 Orange

5-6 Red


5:30 to 7:00

3-4 Purple

3-4 Yellow

7:00 to 8:30

7-9 Green

5-6 Orange


5:30 to 7:00

3-4 Purple

3-4 Yellow

7:00 to 8:30

7-9 Black

5-6 Red

Key Dates

Winter: January to April

  • Registration Open December 1
  • Registration Deadline January 5
  • Tryouts January 7 - 12
  • Practice Begins January 14
  • First Game January 26
  • Tournament Begins March 9
  • Spring Break - No Games March 16
  • Tournament Finals April 6

To Dos

  1. Complete the Registration Form (link)
  2. Pay the Dragons Club Membership Fee for 2018-2019 (link)
  3. Print and sign the Photo Release form unless we already have it on file (link)
  4. After Tryouts conclude, City League players pay league fees beginning at first practice (link)
  5. Read the Parent Letter and then re-read the Parent Expectations section.
  6. Order Gear if needed

3-4 Purple

Greg Nicholson

Sean Mergenthaler

Christian Leal Alvarez

Connor Mooney

Jayvion Simmons

Max Malley

Ryan Sanders

Tatenda Reer

Matthew Capaldi

3-4 Yellow

Mason Albright

Landon Corso

TJ Johnson

Arianna Lanser-Nickles

Max Varela

Gaines Gooch

Kuel Kuel

Gabriel Coronado

5-6 Orange

Kyle Larson

Calvin Driskill

Samuel Mata

Ike Johnson

Dimitry Vereshchatsky-Smith

Kody Jensen

Dylan Lynch

Andrew Mergenthaler

Conner Lindsey

Gabriel Bernal

TJ Sorbe

5-6 Red

Jace Alexander

Gage Roberts

Matthew Hambacher

Ben Head

Dominic Murphy

Tyson Dobbins

Jacob Smith

Connor Homes

Sean Sanders

Grayson The

7-9 Black

Bryce Drummond

Johannes Gamborg

Noah Hepner

Will Mansour

Jacob Meindl

Robbey Skaggs

Milo Mendoza

Braeden Taylor

Jacob Krenzer

Noah Heard

7-9 Green

Carter Reynolds

Nikolaus Lima

Eli Clausen

Michael Cohen

Dylan Petrick

Zachary Levy

Parker Loomis

Cole Vernon

Davis Yalen

Trevor Clausen


  • Club membership is $18 and covers 9/1/18 to 8/31/19. This fee must be paid before you can tryout.
  • $250 League Fees vary per team and cover league fees, gym rental, equipment etc. They do not include any gear or uniforms. Note that fees have gone up due to the annual increase in gym rental fee from the Tanque Verde District.
  • Use the Payment tab to pay with credit card or bring checks made out to Dragons Basketball. Send an email to info@TucsonDragons.com with any questions or for more information.